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Ordering Policies And Instructions!

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Please Read Before Contacting Me To Place An Order

Orders require a 50% non refundable deposit prior to your order being accepted and made. Due to production and materials cost. Unfortunately this is a must due to abondoned projects at my loss. These payments will be accepted via PayPal, Cash, and we will be offering other methods as we can. Payments must clear prior to your order being fully accepted and scheduled.

Orders are made in a first come first served manner. While we appreciate multiple item orders we also appreciate small single item orders as well. Each customer will be served in the order they purchased, not by volume. We value all customers the same.

Our items are not regular stock items, they are made to order. Before ordering we will give you estimated time that we will have your order ready. You will be notified of any delays in your delivery estimate. We will discuss further actions with the order if delays happen. Note that proper Woodworking takes time. If you believe the time frame to be too long we assure you there is a reason. We call that reason quality in our Wood Shop.
"Base prices" of our items will usually mean these items will not have a finish coating on them. They will be bare wood and you will have to finish coat the product to your personal liking. Any unfinished products are the responsibility of the buyer once they leave our shop. Any stains, dents, dings, or any other damages not committed while in our care are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

If you are not satisfied with your item PLEASE tell me before you leave with the item. My motto is "If it's made out of wood it's not solid like stone". We can repair and fix most things before it leaves our Woodshop. Any issues should be addressed prior to the item being taken. Customer service is important to me, but so is my reputation. Any workmanship issues not addressed with me prior to the item leaving my Woodshop is accepted by the buyer.

My prices are firm. I don't cut corners on my items. I make them sturdy and I make them to last. Wood prices are high right now, screws aren't cheap, and electricity isn't free. I do not mass produce my items, they are made just for you. While I understand getting a deal I feel I am pricing my items fairly. Prices are firm and will be agreed upon by both Parties via signed agreement. No haggling. 

While I do not take returns I do stand by my work. I will give a 45 day repair agreement on my products. This does not include damages caused by misuse, improper care, carelessness, or other issues not directly related to workmanship. It also does not include damages to unfinished products such as water damage, stains, or any other damages that would effect unfinished wood products through improper care. After 45 days we will offer repair services at a cost to be determined by both Parties.

In todays culture I am aware that words can be used as sharply as a dagger. That being said no-one in our Woodworking business will be cursed, verbally abused, or insulted at any point during calls, emails, or in person. We are adults here and as adults there is no need to be vulgar. As the owner of Mangled Thumb Woodworking I can and will refuse to serve anyone who commits such acts to myself or anyone associated with my shop. I simply do not need the money that much. You can catch more flies with honey folks. 

At this time freight charges are so high and shipping times so far out we are not offering shipping. We will be "local" orders only. If you have multiple items you are interested in purchasing and aren't local contact me and we may be able to work a deal out? As freight charges lower and shipping times stabilize we will roll out shipping. Stay tuned.

All orders require an initial consultation either through this site, our email, or by phone. 

Don't see something on our site that you may want to be created? Contact us, we will try to get that item built for you. If there is an item you like but would like to have a custom addition added send us an email, I am sure we can make it! No harm in asking?

More to come, check back soon!

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